Blender not responding during painting

I am in section 9 of the Blender Character Creator course (Painting): I cannot figure out what is going wrong. I have wierd lines appearing on my ogre and every time I try to paint, Blender freezes and stops responding for a few seconds. I have saved the blender file in my google drive, refer to the link below:


Looking forward to any help.
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To paint on a mesh, with a UV map, is hard work for a computer (Blender).
Basically, Blender can not process fast enough of your paint onto the bitmap.
There are some options to configure in Blender to spread things up.
But I forgot. try to search the web also.
For me (having an old machine) it didn’t help. And I know some Blender users with high-end machines do have this problem also. So it’s all about Blender configuration and or driver (maybe).

Hi FedPete,

Thank you for the quick response. I will have a search for optimizing my blender.

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Maybe @bOBaN or @NP5 do have an answer to set you in the right direction.
I, myself do have this problem also. 10secs of drawing then it freezes a sec and continues. Very annoying.

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It works for me. Which suggests a computer issue.

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It does freeze for me when I paint quickly…

First try as gif:

Second try I recorded it with higher quality and used YT:

I have no idea what might be causing this… but if it happens on 2 PCs that is most probably not hardware issue…

EDIT: I don’t recall having this issue when I was working on my Ogre…

EDIT2: I opened my old files… and the painting experience was not great - with broad strokes it was laggy… but I didn’t experienced any freezes like the one on above videos… and I’ve been using 4k textures there… Maybe something with UVs?

EDIT3: And for advice what to do with it… My advice will probably be totally unhelpful. Don’t use Blender for texture painting until they fix it. Use something like Substance 3d Painter (paid options) or one of the free options mentioned in WIKI - Free Blender-related tools and addons

No! It’s a discussion on the web, this type of draw and wait.

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OK I was wrong, in that I do not do long strokes so it did not happen for me. Seeing Boban’s reply I tried again and got the same effect.

Working slower and in shorter actions seems to cope better.

Research found as FedPete says, there has been this reported as a problem. But is considered resolved in the developer threads I saw, though it clearly is not.

Redit post.
While browsing through the navigation bar (N) you’ll find the “Advanced” subsection, and in there you need to uncheck “Anti-Aliasing”.
It did the trick for me, i can now paint hi res with the biggest brush and it doesn’t lag anymore, so i thought i would share this here in hope it could help others.

More about it here with some supposed help/solutions. I tried some and they made little quantifiable difference.
Resolved :roll_eyes:

So I guess it is just a matter of working slower and smaller rather than fast and over big areas.

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Inspired by this topic - I checked how quixel mixer works today. It works way better than Blender. But it’s a learning curve. And it is not free as in ‘freedom’ (like Blender), but at least it costs no money (requires for example epic login). Big things that are in favor of mixer:

  • layers support
  • smart material library
  • no lag or issues while painting
  • brushes and library of different brushes

For ‘full’ professional workflow you might check this video:

This one might help with painting tools: Mixer Fundamentals: Painting - YouTube

It’ s not a substance painter yet (i.e., no baking support), but if I would be starting with painting now - I wouldn’t spent money on substance and use mixer (should be good enough for most things).


Hi NP5, thanks so much for the feedback, appreciate it. At least now I know where to start investigating on my side.


Hi bOBaN, thanks so much for the feedback, appreciate it.


Hi NP5, thank you for sharing this. I love this community, people are friendly and ready to help each other. Thanks again.


Hi bOBaN, thanks so much. I will give it a try. I might change my workflow from painting in Blender to Mixer, then just bake in Blender.


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