Blender Monthly Project (March 2017)

I’m honored to be chosen to pick the theme for this month’s project. :slight_smile:

I’m going with a casino theme!

Cards, chips, slot machines, black jack tables. Maybe an entire casino. :slight_smile:

Lots of colors and objects in this theme. That’s why I like it.


I choose the entire casino :slight_smile:


Well, nomrally we’d do a poll, but with only one submission this month, Aapef is on the fast track to being the winner for this month xD


there’s still few days until the end of the month :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on !

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To make some competition :wink:
I’ve started this two weeks ago but didn’t take any time to finish it until now.

And yes, the first thing I’ve done was building a house of cards and turning on the physics :wink:


Beautifull !
All is perfect.

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Ah damn! It’s the last day of the Month now and a second submission has been made. Guess that means we need a poll after all! xD

We’ll still end the poll in a day or so, so we can get a fresh topic in here.


I vote for Stefan, but i think there’s a problem in the poll.

edit : it was my browser ^^

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Rightio. As it’s now the 1st of April, we’ll pick the winner :smiley: No jokes here.

@Aapef has the most votes by the 1st of the month with 75% of the votes.

@Aapef, can you please create a new thread with the topic for April 2017 when best suits you, please :3

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Thank you, i hope i’ll do a good choice.

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Hey guys. I’m very sorry for my prompt disappearance right after picking the topic 2 months ago. Wow these submissions look awesome by the way.

I was without a PC for a while. I left it at my sister’s house because that’s where I was moving to find a better job. However, I ended up staying with my parents because they need me at their shop to keep the business going. But I had left my PC up at my sister’s 3 hours away. I’m just now getting it back :stuck_out_tongue: .

However, an interesting thing occurred to me while without my PC. I became closer to my family and gained more understanding of our situation. I devoted more time to the family business and we’re all doing better now. I have learned the importance of balancing “real life” with my digital life. But I am back and will be working on projects again as usual. :slight_smile:


Welcome back Motoko was wondering why you disappeared …now im the one to disappear my laptop died haha AApef man i love that submission you made this month …really awesome mate love fantasy sci fi and very well done and imaginative…awesome…
Stefan as always thats an awesome piece mate! You never disappoint with your terrific work!


Wow! wIcked - well done! xxx jess

that is interesting to find out, I live in my digital ‘cuboard’ it’s so nice in here, but it is very important to balance art with ‘real life’ xxx jess

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