Big Goobers become small when they flip

Hi! I used a prefab variant to create a big goober (I also added enemy health so they take more shots - will show once ready) but as soon as it flips it becomes a small goober. I imagine it’s something to do with the transform part of the script but not entirely sure what.

Hi JitteryGames,

How did you make the big goober big? Via its scale? If so, how do you flip the goobers? Via their scale? If so, it might be that your code overrides the scale value of the big goober when flipping.

If that’s the case and if you don’t have time to challenge yourself and/or want to see a potential solution, you could try to cache the initial scale value and multiply that initial scale value with -1 and 1 respectively instead of assigning 1 or -1 to transform.scale.

Did this help?

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Woops! That’s so obvious it hurts haha. All fixed now, thank you!

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