Belgowulf's Block Breaker Game

This is my version of Block Breaker, all the backgrounds are my own creations. The text is in dutch, my native language so my family and friends can play the game. I tried to give the game a traditional arcade look and i am working on upgrading it with special blocks , extra lives and different paddles. Please give me feedback so I can improve and adjust the game.

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Seems like a good start. Iā€™m doing the same lecture and would love te be able to create this. Or in other words: lekker bezig!

Not sure if you really want to optimize this game and in what direction. Just a suggestion: add a score. This would make it easier for players to attempt multiple times, so a player can improve or try for a better score rather than just a WIN or LOSE outcome.

Just added extra lives function, and now working on bonus material like extra large paddle and extra lives to win and also a scoring system. thanks for the feedback. Do you have a shared version?

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