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Two palettes. One manually done and the other by using the Import palette feature. A quick way to get colours from an image.


Didn’t have a theme in mind yet. So all the Random Colors!




First custom palette


Random colors around a base brown:



Random Colors


Colours I like!


Some basic distinct colors, some brightness variation
2017-07-27 12_36_46-Palette Editor


I used a few colors but changed their Saturation and Value down the vertical



bruins huh? I prob live near you

Wasn’t sure if there was anyone from around here on these forums xD


I’m originally from Nova Scotia, Canada but I live in Indiana. Not a lot of hockey in these parts :frowning:


Wellz I’m more of a Rangers guy anyway; they’re gonna kick ur ass in the semi-finals one of these years!


I’d offer some kind of bet but not sure what the currency would be, since your in the GIMP course and I’m in the modeling course right now :stuck_out_tongue:

But it would be some kind of creation :sunglasses:
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Fire and Blue Fire


I’m not sure what, if anything, I’ll use the palette for yet, but I figured I could get creative with these colors.


Hi! Here is my Pallet =)