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Just wanted to let everyone know that Microsoft has made Visual Studio available on MAC OS. I have installed it on my MAC, and it works great (only wish I upgraded the RAM so I could use Unreal).


As of Xcode 9, there is support for refactoring in C++. There were some issues with it, but in 9.2 it is fairly usable. It’s not up to the level of Visual Studio or JetBrains’ tools, but it takes care of the basics.


In Level01 map, it says “LIGHTING NEEDS TO BE REBUILT (3 unbuilt objects)”, “REFLECTION CAPTURES NEED TO BE REBUILT (1 unbuilt)”. Can anyone help me fix this?


Hi. I am using Ubuntu 18.04 for this course (not only because its always my main system) and if you install UE4 from git (Tip use the master branch) and installing qtcreator it works fine.
I love using Linux because you learn so much about your system and how the systems and your programs work.
I also think that there are more and more games on steam etc. which can be run on Linux but there is definetly room to grow so I am psyched to develop a game on Linux.
If you are curious and need help I will definetley help with the installation and running of thing;)


While it is nice to have Visual Studio refactoring, I wouldn’t consider it a make or break decision when choosing a development environment. I found myself fighting the tool when I moved to refactoring beyond the renaming parlour trick.


Hello Guys i have just started the course and i have messed up a few of the stuffs while installing the Game Engine so how do i uninstall the game engine completely without the help of epic launcher


Hello guys,
I downloaded UE4.20.2 since i read that it solved most of the bugs. I hope it will work out through the course! :slight_smile:


Hi VDeck, I believe your system should run the software fine as it is. It will probably be on the slow side, However. So, If you do want to upgrade, you might try going RAM and SSD first. But here’s a slightly dated reference.