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Thou shalt not pass!


Pick wisely…


It’s Closing! Hurry Hurry we can still make it!!

Oh, Nevermind…


:joy: looks great!!


Thank You!! :grin:


Up, Down and Fast ^^



Nice and steady, don’t let it slip…
Portcullis Slow Descent

I said don’t slip!
Portcullis Fast Descent






Slow Gate Fast Gate


Portcullis Slow RevisedPortcullis Slam


Nice Dust effect! I really like it


Slow and steady as she goes:


And she cut loose!


Maybe too much bounce toward the end because I was trying to move frames while the group was hidden… I need to move on


Hehe, thanks, it was really easy and fast to do, too. Just potter around with a low opacity white paintbrush, duplicate, repeat, then reverse the order of the frames.


Slow and steady

For the slamming down gate i created two versions. The first one I made by deleting frames from the steady gate and the second by changing frame timing from the steady gate. I’m not really sure which one i like better so i posted them both.


Love the Dust effect.

These are all awesome well done everyone! :smiley:


Okay so I really wanted to try adding perspective for the first time with gimp - this ended up taking all morning haha. But I’m very happy with the result!






That was fun :slight_smile: