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WindowMerged Closes window carefully BrokenWindowMerged Slams window shut


Wow these are all sweet! I find it amazing how you all develop these lessons into ideas of your own! Great work!


fallinggate-steady fallinggate3-smash

Someone smashed my portcullis a little to often xD
I started drawing it free hand with my tablet and loved it not straight. It kind of looks old that way.


Was inspired by spookycode and Stage (your works look amazing) and tried to create my own dust effect, take a look.
46_GatesLower 46_gatesDropWithDelay


Catle GatesteadyMergedCatle Gateslammerged


portcullis%20slowly%20closing portcullis%20falling


portcullisxcf portcullisxcfslowinout

These were quite difficult, I think I spent too much time on them lol


My stuff is lame! :slight_smile:




Gate%20closing%20constistant Gate%20closing%20Gradual


Doors_flatten Doors_flatten_steady


Only one, it fell apart after the first drop.S3L46_Slow_in_and_Slow_Out_Portcullis_with_Rock_Slam_Merge


Wiesiek’s portcullis:
portal%20basic%20gif%20prep%20-%20r%C3%B3wnomierny-64x64 portal%20basic%20gif%20prep%20-%20gwa%C5%82towna-64x64