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One bouncy ball.


Squishyball Merged

The cat did it.


bouncing ball


This exercise was a lot of fun! Unfortunately, I did not stay within spec… This is 42 frames long.

Exploding Jelly Blob!


Excellent work! I like seeing your output.


Haha, thanks. I also did not stay in spec, mine’s 17 frames long.


Bouncy bouncy… :smile:
Lecture 42 - Jelly Ball_Anim


Nice shadows!


Thanks. :slight_smile: I have found that a little shadow can be used to give new dimension to graphics. :slight_smile:
I must say that the platforms in your animation above are really beautiful!


For those interested:




Ball from Cliff 128px

Had a lot of fun with this one…


Red Jelly Ball



That was fun.

Edit: Don’t know what’s wrong with my upload (can’t see it). On my PC the file is working properly.


My jelly ball falling in to a messy blob. Again, first one is 200ms between frames, second one 100ms.

Jelly Ball

Jelly Ball Faster


Not much polish on this, but this is my variant:

Bouncing ball 20 fps


jelly ball falling


jelly ball


my bouncing ball