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Where can I find the course on Gimp that you mentioned. There are a lot of Gimp courses on Udemy but I wanted to find the one you recomended.


Hi Bill,

I am sorry nobody got back to you on this for this amount of time.
Sometimes forum posts get a little lost unless they are put to @ someone.
The course in question is a little difficult to find @sampattuzzi as is not called as gimp.

It is actually called The 2D Game Artist - Design Amazing Art Assets From Scratch.

It may be too late for this information for you bill and i apologize for that but hopefully the information is here now for other students.


My Main Menu



I actually found the 2D game artist course and purchased it shortly after leaving this post.


@Michael_Bridges new students incoming.


my main menu I have no idea why guys are not active in this course.


Advanced content means fewer students sadly.


I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully more people will get into this course as they complete the other courses. I’ve pointed a couple people at work and friends who were interested in learning UE4 to the main course but also highly recommended this course even for beginners who know C++ but don’t know much about UE4 (as was the case with me when I started this course). I actually finished this course first and am still working through the main course - I don’t think it is really necessary to go in any particular order if you are already familiar with C++.


We have been saying that it’s good to get to the end of BattleTank. Would you agree?


Well, on one hand I actually started the MP before and finished it about a quarter of the way through BattleTank. I actually felt that BuildingEscape was a great precursor to the MP course as an introduction to UE4. One possible benefit to finishing BattleTank before starting the MP course is that it may be easier to do some of the lecture challenges (due to having more familiarity with UE4 going into the course). Also, if you’ve already finished BattleTank then you already have great, more complete project to apply the concepts from the MP course to. That being said, having already completed the MP course myself, I may end up implementing MP functionality in BattleTank before I completely finish the section.


I liked the buttons so I just changed their colors.


Nice work. Good to see you make this section your own.


Just a little variation of the menu in the lecture, with another background image that I found for free use online.


Nice :slight_smile:


shame i lost assets for this planet model.

Something else i worked on:





It’s like one of those old screen savers!


Yes i was thinking I could get into the 90’s screensaver business. Looks like i’m 20 years too late haha