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Fun with gradients
My Axe
Bush Fire
Gradient Sunrise
Tree sadly cut up

Layers and Gradients


Looking Good! Loving the guitar! that works really well.

More lectures on the way, we had an automation hiccup so manually sorting them out now :slight_smile: - That should keep you busy over the weekend!

Thanks. It will have to wait to next week as I’ll be on the road with one of my axes.

Love the Unity Blender and now Gimp courses you and Ben do. I thought I’d concentrate on the graphics side of life and then focus again on Unity or Unreal. Big Fun…

Wow! These gradients are really fun to play with, but can be super useful for shading as well. Awesome!
I’m also really enjoying re-using my images to see how different they look after each lecture :grin:

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Eyeball, Rainbow, House with gradients

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Here are my gradients. I used images I had created for previous challenges.

Flower Garden
For the background I used the gradient “land and sea” and the shape “linear”.

Fly Swatter
For the background I used the gradient “sunrise” and the shape “conical” (sym),

Bug Zapper
For the background I used the gradient “brushed aluminum”, the shape “spiral (ccw)”, and the mode “darken only”.

Butterfly Flag
For the background I used the gradient “browns”, the shape “linear”, and the mode “lighten only”.


I decided to revisit some earlier work which was quite challenging. I ended up using selection tools a whole lot during this exercise. It is quite powerful.

For the first it is the emblem we made at beginning of this section. There is only one layer so utilizing selection tools and multiple layer types I brought out this:

With the flag I had to re-think about border as well as adding more layers, etc:

The house took a bit of work figuring out where to use gradient and where to use air brush tool, I used bother here in different areas:

Finally I like how the sword turned out, figured this out just playing with gradients till I found something that I liked:


Shield with Gradient BG and Wood Part

Gradient Sword


I’m trying to get something happening using a palette from the Moving Circles optical illusion. So far… nope. This is nothing.

Added a sheen to my icon background




Gradients - Portal

GeometricPatternChallengeGradients - Pattern Reuse

Gradients - Hill   Lake

Gradients - Beach


item_placeholder_gui - Copy Added a shining effect to the icon background

viking_shield - Copy Added gradient shading and background

rune_sword - Copy Runic sword; I really like how the runes turned out.

fireball_spell_icon - Copy Added fiery effect around the fireball spell


@Kipo - Also like the runes!! Neat!

Some gradients. :slight_smile:

Lecture 23 - Gradient - 01 - Helmet

Lecture 23 - Gradient - 02 - Lightning

Lecture 23 - Gradient - 03 - Energy bar

Lecture 23 - Gradient - 04 - Some kind of offensive magic spell


Gradient-Guitar A hastily sketched disproportionate guitar

Gradient-scythe A new background on an old image

Gradient-Lakeshore A grassy lake shore. This was a happy accident

Gradient-Rainbow Doing a rainbow with the gradient tool wasn’t as easy as first thought.




Dual Swords Dual Swords (reused but with gradients)

Shuriken Shuriken (reused but with gradients)

Plant Plant

EyeBall Eyeball with Iris and Background Gradients


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