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Fun and soothing task.

I decided to experiment by leaving a circular selection transparent.
In order to do it, in the Export Image as Gif options, make sure where it says Frame disposal where unspecified has One frame per layer selected, else all the previous layers stack up on each other from my experience. This can especially cause problems if you got a moving alpha.

Edit- This topic is further discussed in detail the next lecture. Whoopsie for not having looked ahead.


Have fun!

I did try to do the export with Bimp but the GIF wont play back. Is this not supported on Bimp?

I decided to experiment with day night cycle (but only with sky colors, not ground).

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Meant to be a daytime sky fading to nighttime, and back again. Took 12 frames.

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20 Frames per second :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just some shades of the gold palette, nothing special!


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my color animation
solid color animation

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Just a rainbow.

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Tried out the Blend mode with purple hues

c37%20-%20anim-color Just color shift c37%20-%20anim-color

Reminds me of the old days of Amiga programming. Using a color table and one bitmap to mimic animation (also the trick with a .sys file on windows 3.11 to animate the windows icon) Wauw long time ago.
I cann’t recall the Amiga file image structure, but it resembles PNG.

Went through the blues I’ve used for most of the last section’s challenges. It’s a nice way of seeing if a palette has flow to it

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square-switichng-col sunRise


Going through 36 hues.

My Animation Color, using 6 basic solid color

Here’s my simple animation

A gentle way to get back into it (: One thing hasn’t changed though, and that is how much effort some people put into even such simple challenges.

I stayed with the minimum requirements:



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