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Thank You SAM. This was my second time going through the course and second project… The first one well I think I strayed a little to far from the main course content. Witch is not a Bad Thing actually a Great Thing, Much was learned by “Exploring”. Extremely Thrilled with the shear amount of Energy and Effort that has gone into All your courses and all I have taken on as well. So Again Thank You! There truly is no way to repay your efforts but please realize you are a “SUPER HERO” in my eyes. As well The Your Lesson are so impressive My 10 year old daughter and 8 year old son have Now Started there Own Courses. Claps Claps. Thank You One More Time just so you Never Forget.

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Happy Days… You Are So Fantastic… “Handling Network Errors” … Thank You… Well one more section to go.

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