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I think the cloud could be better but good for now.


Been pretty busy lately so I didn’t amimate the waves or clouds, but challenge completed nonetheless!! I’m not a pro on sunset colors, but did what I could without huge amounts of time:)

Edit: PS. I found that using the Optimize for Gif option will flatten your layer groups for you. The individual layers look strange but it works great in an animation! It also automatically creates a new image so you don’t have to worry about losing editability! :smile:


Car - Sunset_Stars


I love the car. Classic @Manu_Scheller


Sunset with ripple

Exporting to gif really messed with the colours :frowning:

Also I need to learn some scope control discipline.


Thank you :slight_smile:




Sunset small





This was a fun exercise!


Hahaha, grim!






Mine is pretty simple - just added a mountain foreground to spice things up. This was lots of fun!Animated sunset flattened


I’ve switched to Krita, cause it has far better support for an animation. In any way, I like the course and stick to it.

Animated Sunset

P.S. I’m sorry for the stars, they don’t know what they are doing.







I really enjoyed this exercise. It is a great feeling to work through it comfortably in GIMP. (In other words, great class)