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Took quite a while to make this. But also learned a lot. Really enjoying the course so far.



My go at this:

colour change over time flattened






I did it with a twist …

maybe auto reverse, to create the sun set as requested … :frowning:


Twinkle Star



My sunset



Hah! This was a gif that I had seen before starting this course.

Anyway, not sure why there are two topics for this challenge… and I was wondering why there were only so few participants.
But man did people put effort into this… I’m considering to improve mine a bit more, maybe a ship passing by or so.

Here it is, again:

And yes, the whole sea thing was insprired by you, lol.


I had a lot of fun! Thanks for this awesome course!




Moving shadow. The moon. I love it!


I loved this challenge. I moved the shadow of the tree a bit, and then the stars at the end twinkle. Aggh! I just realized that the stars should be setting in the west just as the sun did! OK, next time I animate a sunset!


I LOVE the comet! great little touch


Alright mine is rubbish compared to everyone else’s here! When I get better and more time for this challeneg Imma return with a sunset-cliff animation with a kind of stormy and romantic vibe.


My evening paddle boarders in front of Table MountainS3L48_Sunset_4_Merge


Oh, come on GregoryFenn, Don’t be shy! I am sure you’ve made a great show.:slight_smile:
Don’t allow us to ask you!


Rina_Bothma - Wonderful, I really like it. Very good idea and performance :slight_smile: Great Job.


Thank you!


Wiesiek’s sunset: