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Simple composite image.


The Hero’s Equipment on display for all who visit the castle to see.




Here is my composite image.

I started with my Moon mask and changed the black to blue to make it appear more like the Sun.

Then I added my Double Flowers image.

Lastly, I added my Bee from the previous challenge. I then scaled the Bee down to a smaller size, duplicated it, and then rotated half of the duplicates.



Decided to go simple. Not much color just a dark night and something brewing behind the house!

Flaming House


Hill Lake Planet


The gun and the muzzle flame that I created in earlier lessons combined. Also added simple shadow and glow layers. Scaled from 48 to 96 pixels.

Lecture 29 - Composite - 01

0 (RGB color, 5 layers) 48x48 – GIMP



I created a square gradient in my background before importing a fire and a goblet I made. I used a masking technique that @Carl_Gustafsson shared over here


My composite image:

Planets Swords and Shuriken Composite



A wizard attacking a goblin scaled from 64x48 to 128x94.
The fireball up in the sky was firey originally but i used the hue saturation tool from the colors panel to turn it blue.


I just threw everything at this - The house from Section 1, Icons, Selection Transforms (Growing, Border, Rotation, Scaling). Perhaps not the cleanest image of the bunch…


So, a mage burning down a house, with half their Spell Points left and an active spell of Blue fireballs. Probably an Orc house. Or not - who is brave enough to ask them?


Simple combination of some of my old images to create this combat triangle. 64x64 scaled up to 128x128
Combat Triangle


A little combined collection of random food.
The food was made during the previous challenge.



Interesting! Here are the originals…

Jewel 01 - Goldfire-03

And here is the composite outcome, with a few adjustments (moving and cutting mainly) and scaled from 48x48 to 64x64 pix.

Composite - Sacred Fire Sacred fire


Mario jump ------------Enemy and box


Combined the shield with fire. I guess it could be a buff.
fiery shield


Multiple images Some kind of Inventory :slight_smile:


Composite Composite image

Source images:


Had alot of time on my hands on a quiet Saturday, so I decided to draw the solar system!


The individual planets:

MercuryMercury VenusVenus Earth! :slight_smile:EarthMarsMars
JupiterJupiter Neptune Neptune Uranus Uransu Saturn Saturn