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Combining Images


My weapons and shields, and a fire.


Alternate background:



Composite Heres my simple composite icon


Trying to conjure some drama…



Putting all my laser weapons in a single picture.


My armory:
Armory Composition


Just ended up with some weird glowing halberd idol XD

Composite image challenge


duck collage


Composite Image
multiple layers








Some artistic freedom here, no special meaning for this illustration. Just compositing several icons.



Used a fire icon from old with a shield from an earlier challenge. The border and background was taken from the previous challenge.

Funny thing is that I added blue noise layers to the border and some coloured noise layers to the fire. Didn’t like any of those and just stuck with the black noise layer on the background to mottle it


I duplicated the fire eruption to take up the whole image and painted the background black.


made out of :




Didn’t want to do this exercise at first, but after seeing how well the lecturer did I changed my mind:

Edit: I must say, my ****** looking sun looks quite nice in this image.

Pretty much did the same as the lecturer did, but in the process I learned about a new tool: the flip tool (Shift + F).
I tried to flip the glaive from the menu, but for some reason it would flip all layers. After googling I read about the flip tool, which solved the problem quite easily.

I then wanted to add a border (and I did), but for some reason I could not see my selection (the yellow and black dashed lines). They were invisible, I wonder what I did wrong.


Yes, ***** indeed! Really nice project.


Here are a couple of composite images I made with work from previous lessons:

CompositeHouseSkyline CompositeHelmetShieldExplosion