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Nice work everyone! Here are my houses.
House 2
House 3
House 1


Here’s mine and wow some of the arts that are posted here seriously makes me question if they actually used 32x32


I used different roofs for mine. The base is just the rectangle.
House1 House3 House2


Wow! That’s superb! Love it!


LayeredHouse0 Framing

LayeredHouse1 Roof

LayeredHouse2 Siding

LayeredHouse3 Yard

After I export these exercises, I always see something I would have done different in hindsight to make the images pop better.


Thanks sweenist :slight_smile:


Base House
Layered House Base

House with Windows and Chimney
Layered House with Windows and Chimney

Complete House
Layered House Complete


Really like that framing part!! :slight_smile:


If you don’t select one of the icons just above (Pixels or Alpha Channel) they’re not locked - Bit unintuitive so worth knowing
(Found out the hard way :slight_smile: )


Oh… that I did not know… :thinking: Thanks a lot! And here I come and try to sound like I know Gimp… :crazy_face:


This is really fun, I am not much of a drawer but I am learning alot!

House BaseHouse 1House 2House 3

I am thinking about trying out to color it maybe tomorrow or tonight.





Something simple just to meet the criteria. Overlooked the suggested house shape haha.




Here we are!
Empty house Layered House 2 story Layered House 2 story furniture Layered House


casa contorno casa contorno detalles casa contorno detalles color


House layers
32z32 house v1 basic
32z32 house v2 added chimney
32z32 house v3 path and fence
32z32 house v4 tree
32z32 house col a touch of colour



bushes and clouds added

all with color


Here are my variations:

My house: Challenge2_var1

Simple house: Challenge2_var2xcf

Fancy house with attic window: Challenge2_var3


Here are my variations!

House 04 - Front Window

House 02 - Back Fence

House 01 - Garage

House 03 - Front Fence