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It was mentioned to see if we spot any potential problems and i found a bit of a scary horror moment.
If you rotate your head you will find the eyes always face the same direction they were in before you started moving the head around. Turn the head 180 and the eyes are looking though the back of his skull!


Rigging’s always been a problem for me specifically because of issues that are popping up like this:
I put the angle constraints on the bones, and the eyes flipped around. I changed it from world space to local space and it fixed it, but I don’t understand why it does that or how it fixed it. I feel like I’m just flipping switches to see what works at this point. :stuck_out_tongue:


I also used local space to get everything to move properly together.Rigged head


As others mentioned (possibly for different issues), using Local Space is the solution. I had to do that from the get go because I had my head facing the X direction instead of the Y direction (because I do so much in UE4 which expects X to be forward).


I use local space too

but the axis setting for left and right eye are not the same
dont know why


But what kind of possible issues can you get from this? I mean, the axis in UE4 are different we know, but my question is: if i import an animation like a guy who is walking forward recorded in Blender, in UE4 i’ll get an animation of a guy that moves his arms and legs everywhere or something? Since the axes of the respective UE4 and Blender are different, do i have to do something particular to avoid future troubles or i can be easy on that?


Sometimes the simplest way is to try it—the FBX export/import does some conversions but not all. It might work. If not, have to diagnose what went wrong and try to adjust it in the animation.


Oh, then i guess i’ll have to get my hands dirty once in unreal and see what i can do the day that i’ll reach that point, meanwhile i thank you very much for reply me :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! Here’s my head with constraints!


Short Video showing constraits and Alien thing. Not sure what it is.