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So for this one the asset provided matches the animation for Ethan so it’s a pretty easy swap. When looking in the asset store, is there a way to tell if the animation points match Ethan? is this something we should look out for when looking for a model? I saw a few in there I wouldn’t mind trying out but am wondering before I go ahead if there is anything in particular we should be looking out for.

@halldorr generally they are marked rigged to mechanim and the straight swap will work,


That’a bit tasty! :slight_smile:

When I used the farm boy I had an odd issue where it looked like the hands (or lack there of :smiley: ) were splitting in two when the character was running.

I tried to get a screenshot of it but that didn’t turn out to well and was too tired for videoing… made him look a bit like Edward Scissor Hands… :slight_smile: Still haven’t quite worked out if it was the stumps splitting, or, perhaps shadows being cast as he was running which caused it to look that way…

Your knight doesn’t appear to have these problems, but then does have hands - possibly with all the digits too! :slight_smile:

I also have noticed an issue in my game in that the character jerks out running over certain terrain or cursor positions.
This happens with either the farm model or my own but not with ethan so i am not sure whats causing it.

Probably going to want to whip that zero friction material out :slight_smile:

Yeah was just for testing (I forgot it :stuck_out_tongue: fixed now so thanks for the reminder). It took me ages to work out what was up.

In the cases of Ethan and Farmboy it was the graound distance checked needed turning up a little.
In the case of the knight it was ground distance check and Nav Mesh Agent Size causing an issue.
Hopefully this will help someone else.

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Good find.

I was too tired last night so instead of trying to resolve the issue I had, I made a video of it instead (in the showcase if you’ve not seen it)… :slight_smile:

Looks very similar to what my knights characters did even on the flat terrain because it was raised. I found on that model raising the ground detection to 0.5 solved it.

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What was really odd with mine was that he only did it if there was an enemy in the scene… take the enemy out, all good… lol… then I muttered the word “river dance”, and spent two hours on that instead :smiley:

Just to add to this if you have the problem with Ethan and the FarmBoy as i did then its likely your enemies will have the same issue and need to be adjusted like the player models.

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Great to be able swap out Ethan for the Knight - how great it this free asset?! Yes, had similar issues with funny dance, found it went away when I generated the navmesh with the height mesh option by ticking in bake advanced and then increased the ground distance check.


Is there a downside to just dropping the new character directly under the player object, rather than transferring its sub-objects? With the supplied hero object there’s not much difference, but I’ve got some character assets with hair and clothing to transfer as well and it all gets a bit cluttered.

In the Combat Sandbox scene my character needs a Nav Mesh Agent Base Offset of -0.13 to sit level with the ground. However, in the Rick’s Village scene he does a Cossack-style dance whilst running, clips below the ground and runs slower. Upon removing the offset he’s fine. I guess it’s a difference between terrain and a cube? Couldn’t figure it out otherwise.

I have been trying for days to get the FarmBoy working, but every attempt results in him (almost) running on the spot as if he were on very slippery ice. The enemies all seem to work just fine so they catch the boy very quickly. Anyone have any idea what I did wrong.

Did you try turning ground check distance up further? On the knight it had to go up to 2 i think in the end.
Also read up about using heightmap as well as i think i turned that on (second tab object?) too.

I tried turning ground check distance up as far as 4 with no effect.I have no idea what you are saying about heightmaps.

Hopefully this will explain. @Ray_H. To be honest i think the prerequisite of this course should have included Zombie runner rather than just up to glitch garden as it teaches this there.

If anyone wonders on the screenshot arrows its a program called “Jing” that ben briefly introduced in one of the courses somewhere. Befor you save the screenshot you can edit the arrows and stuff there. Very handy!

That is well hidden! I tried that and it had no effect. I’m going to try recreating the character from scratch…

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@Marc_Carlyon I recreated the farm boy from ethan and everything seems fine except that I had to use an ‘aimOffset’ of 2.5 to get them shooting at me and not hugely underground.
I still have no idea what was wrong.

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