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At this point i would have been checking the nav mesh agent position and the collider but as they originally came with farm boy the issue should not be there.
I actually did test farm boy at one point and he worked so the model works just not sure what got changed on yours :confused:

Best and a hail mary guess was a random unity import glitch :confused:

Or a random Ray glitch, I get plenty of them :blush:

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I wonder if there has been a ray glitch in unity 5 for a while.
I went back to zombie runner and got lazy so updated it to 5.4.2f2 and all of a sudden my zombies started working again.
Maybe it was a bug that hasnt quite been squashed yet (I havent upgraded to 5.6 as there are issues with it)

I was talking about a Ray glitch, not a ray glitch. I’m now trying to figure out why the system thinks that the only enemies are the opponents’ feet! (And I don’t think it’s the smell):grin:

Its a long shot but i am wondering if thats what your character is thinking when moving the the enemy and hes getting stuck on the floor.
I am not sure whats causing this though the enemies are pretty much standard assets and if it was their position clipping the floor their movement would be affected which its not.

I’m elbow deep in Unet code so i might be missing something but i thought this may give you a direction to look :slight_smile:

I found the knight too! it’s so awesome! try putting 10 of them in a scene!

I was very excited to get to this lecture. Goodbye Ethan!!!
I downloaded this guy here!/content/75519

Everything went smoothly and it was exactly like the video says. Attached are a few screenshots.


This guy looks like he may cause Ethan some trouble… :wink:

Exactly Rob. The Ethan enemies in the background of the second picture are in for a world of hurt in the next few lectures!

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It would only be fair to perhaps record the action and post a snippet here… Ethan is a team player, so I’m sure he won’t mind… too much… :smiley:

Here is my Explorer being chased by a giant gorilla, both created in Blender. Strangely their transforms are scaled by 100 rather than 1, even thought the result is the correct size in the game. Falls under the heading of works, but I’m not sure what’s going on…

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Well… it was destined to happen at some point, wasn’t it?

Regret my decision, I do not.

P.S. controlling a stormtrooper in my own game is probably the best thing that has happened to me in a long time… #worth

My New Character for now just for Testing its a Great help for New Players
he got Lots of Weapons,Face’s,Hair. and full Animations even got a Spear,Shield…

you can download him at this page its free!/content/52376

I found a fantastic free model on the store… It was used in a ‘Blacksmith’ tech demo… Here are a couple of shots from my game:

and in the sandbox:


Took me a while to find it though… To be honest, I’m a bit worried about my art direction now. It may be a bit difficult finding the models that I need with the style I’m looknig for. May have been better to opt for a more cartoony style.

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