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Animating fire turned out to be very challenging! And while I’m not completely happy with the result I don’t want to spend too much time on one challenge(just like I was instructed). So off to the next one! :slight_smile:


Fire is challenging. I used the Straight Ahead method for this one. You are right about not spending too much time. Easy to get carried away with art.


I used pose-to-pose for the door.


I used pose to pose with the perspective tool. Once I got the mouth straight, I just coppied and reversed the order of the frames while flipping the mouth vertically.

Another option to prepare your animation when using layer groups is to go to Tools/Animation/Optimize for GIF. It will open up your animation in a new window with the group folder collapsed as well as removing any unecessary data. You can then adjust the frame length on each layer. I find this method a little quicker but your mileage may vary.

from to smile - optimized


I picked the watersplash as this challenge. It was a lot of fun again and i’m happy with the result :slight_smile:




Very simple RPG in flight using straight-ahead method.



Pose to pose on the rock and then straight ahead on the splash


Waterfall becoming hazy by its mist:

Waterfall Slower



I know this is not what the challenge asked for but I kinda went my own way with some of my previous artwork.

I used the point to point method for the eye movement and the blink. I used the straight ahead method for the glimmer of the light reflection on the eye.


Used pose to pose for the fire starting up and dying off and straight ahead for the rest.


This was really tricky! I started by trying to make a fire that moves logically, but it turned out better if I made the particles random. But I guess that’s how fire works.


Used Gimp filter distort -> waves to make fire move.



Jumping(optimized) Animation is hard for sure


Fire and Water
I choose to animate fire and water. For the water, I did the waterfall with the ripples and foam, and for the fire, I added animated lighting to the rock wall background.




Very Nice :+1:


Something strange lurking, who you gonna call?

Hunted House


I did a fire explosion. I found this much easier than a flickering fire, which was my original intention.



Basic fire.