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Flag Sword Ned Sheild Pen is migh…
Flag Last Flag



offensive weapon defensive weapon

mask for defensive weapon


I completely copied Mikey’s sword to make up for a lack of creativity. The mask is mine!



Offensive Weapon

Offensive Mask

Defensive Weapon

Defensive Mask


hard to see against black, but the first one is a mask of the gun (rather, all but gun).


This was fun!

Was playing around with simple flag ideas and it naturally evolved into this, but i’m a computer nerd so it counts? haha :smile:

My offensive weapon!

Classic shield for defense.

This one took me a while. I had no idea what a mask was so I googled it real quick. But then I attempted to use a mask to give this sword a translucent blade. I don’t know if it can really be seen at this scale though.

Edit: After re-reading the instructions(it had been a few days) I realized what a mask was, was clearly explained and I made my project much more complicated than necessary. So here’s a mask of my hammer. Properly this time :slight_smile:


Here’s my flag. It’s a butterfly flag. Yep, it’s a garden theme using the pattern fill for the background, as well as for the body and wings.

I’m not into war or battle type games. However in real life, we’ve experienced record high rainfall lately that has caused a lot of damaging floods in my local and regional communities. What happens after a lot of rain and flooding? Mosquito outbreak!!! So, my offensive weapon is a bug zapper. I used pattern fill for the background, and solid fill for the bug zapper.

If the bug zapper doesn’t get those pesky mosquitoes, then I’m well armed with a supply of fly swatters! (yes, they are named for flies, but they work against mosquitoes as well). I used pattern fill for the background sections, and solid fill for the swatter.

For the mask… I simply attempted to make a moon mask somewhat similar to the example in the class. I understand the concept and that being able to make a mask like this will be usefull. But, after my battle against mosquitoes I came up short on devising any sort of original design using it. So… a moon mask it is…


Here are my images:




Mask - Played with this a little after masking I filled center and it left remnant of mask which looked cool, like a hole in the ice wall:


Offensive Weapon
Defensive Weapon
Guy who holds the shield
And his mask



Excellent bow and arrow!



Mostly took Mikey’s Ideas for this Challenge ^^

Space Flag

Rusty Sword

Rusty Shield


Moon Mask


Simple flag

Plasma sniper

Energy buckler

Masked heart with shadow and tint


Viking Flag


Axe Mask



i Like the Heart, well done :+1:


axe1MaskAxe Mask


Blade runner gun - Gun - Offensive
Belgian Flag - Flag
Sci-fi helmet scifihelmet
Mask of helmet scifihelmet mask


Lecture 21 - Fill - 01 - Swedish flag! :wink:
Lecture 21 - Fill - 02 - Offensive weapon = Gun-looking thingy
Lecture 21 - Fill - 03 - Some kind of shield, viewed from the side
Lecture 21 - Fill - 04 - This is my understanding of masking -> An area covering the background of the gun. The black part is completely transparent in Gimp.