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So didn’t look at the challenge at all and i made a few mistakes in the keyframing (my errors not the course)


i was trying to think what to mess about with… bit rough, but a starter for 10

dont worry, i didnt watch it until i had finished mine as well hehe, stopped for challenge and off i went on my merry tangent


It’s been a while since I’ve used blender or its animation because of bad time management and drawing comics, so this section’s been a great refresher, I plan on going through the excellent blender creator course again to relearn what I forgot. Anyway, here’s my bouncing ball. :smiley:


I lost my twitter account so I’ll be logging in from Google.
So I guess the video format I posted doesn’t work, I have a youtube link:


Nice work, like the animation of the camera too :smiley:


My render, sorry for the low resolution ^^:



I was reminded of the old Amiga boing ball… (dating myself a bit)


Bouncy jelly ball


Here’s my attempt at the challenge. I decided to take a “racquetball to the face” approach.


This is my bouncing ball challenge.


Pinball bounce


Here is mine… Ok, I did a bit of matrixing (the Trinity scene, not some mysterious, crazy, cool- sounding techinique), but I think it turned out ok, I guess…

and of course the blender files follows:

S1 Challenge.blend (600.4 KB)

best regards, guys!


My attempt - a ball from the mysterious box:


Nice one!


you can tell the old guard from the young ones with their point of references. I ALWAYS wanted an Amiga growing up.



I just started doing something and it turned in to this, still happy with it tho :slight_smile:


That. Is. AWESOME!