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Leaping Shroom:




I Love it … Amiga, those days … a lot of fun.
Then I had also a 3D animation package, cann’t remember what.
A 320x240px image, with a glass ball and a mirror, took 7 days to render. And all those days, I could not play a game … :wink:


Ok again, I re-used an old project of mine. Created with the GameDev Blender 3D course.
It uses gravity and active objects. So animated by the computer.

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I found that “Bounce” was really challenging task.

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I completed Section 1 and turned to a 2d/3d game I am developing. I was successful just spinning a character model, and when I had one character sitting in the lap of another, I was able to rotate with success. However, in my last attempt you can see that arms are going in and out of each other.
My attempt at rotation, rotation and rotation.


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Here is my “End of Section 1 Challenge” (the bouncing ball)!


Hi, my result. Nothing too fancy.


A simple bouncing ball


Here is mine! I discovered the over all rendering of the animation the ball did not hit the floor but it did hit the ceiling pretty well !


Short Animation of bouncing ball.




Jep, these challenges!! ^^

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