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My attempt at the challenge:

Another go at a shield. Still not perfect but shading is a bit better.
Selections 1

Fish Silhouette
Selections 2

Skull by water
Selections 3


Inspired by all the nice ‘by the water’ posts above, duck on the shoreline:
male duck 4


My own drop shadow and reflections
drop shadowsilhouettemirrormix


ShieldBow Reflection%201




Source image:



Just experimenting. Added shadow. Copy and mirrored the image as reflection. added opacity.



Added a drop shadow to a grenade icon of old. Then turned it into a silhouette. I used the selection and grow tool for the first one but the silhouette was made by selecting the colours and then changing the brightness-contrast of each layer. The backgrounds were adjusted to better show this




ShieldDropShadow ShieldSilhouette ShieldReflection


Drop shadow hot dog, cucumber silhouette, burger perspective reflection:
shad%26reflct01 selectmodcucumbershad%26reflct02b shad%26reflct03


Here is my drop shadow diamond, silhouette pickaxe, and reflection city:



I made a drop shadow for my axe weapon, a silhouette for my shield, and a moon reflection in a murky swamp
Axe3 Shield3 swamp


To help with the reflection effect I made a selection of the flipped image and added a white to transparent gradient from the intersection down as well as the dark gradient from bottom up.


Moon done like in the previous section by moving a selection. Did make the vegetation purposefully fast and simple because I didn’t want to make something tall I’d also have to reflect =P

The reflection’s mask is moon colored for a hopefully moonlighty effect, also added some white slightly skewed white flares for water waves/movement, but I’m not entirely convinced by them and the flare-less version might honestly be better xP. I do like my moon’s ring and the not-really-black-but-actually-very-slightly-purple black I used for the night sky.


Here´s my take on the challenge!


movingLayers Here’s the drop shadow on one of my keys.
swordSilhouette This is a silhouette of my cursed-looking sword.
reflection For the reflection, I decided to use the house as if it was by a lake.
flameReflect I also decided to do a reflection and drop shadow for the torch.


drop%20shadow suilet