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Just some old mario characters with a shadow. Got to practice the circle selection for the mushroom quite a bit.




Kay, here we go:

Lecture 31 - Selection work - 01 - Drop shadow to the gun. Selected the entire gun, increased slightly, feathered, created new layer, filled with black, and set the layer opacity to 50% or something like that.

Lecture 31 - Selection work - 02 - Gun silhouette

Lecture 31 - Selection work - 03 - Added one of the earlier fire icons to a larger canvas, duplicated and flipped vertically to a new layer. Made the “reflection” semi-transparent using the opacity setting of the layer. Added a gradient to the background, that should look like land on top, and water at the bottom. Actually think it turned out pretty nice. :grinning:


PotionDropShadow Look at that drop shadow on the table! Maybe it’s not a drop shadow so much, but I’m pretty happy with it!

HammerSilhouette Hammer silhouette

PumpkinByTheSea Reflection!

These are fun. I wish I had more gusto in the evenings to plough through more lessons


That potion on a table looks really really good!! :+1:


Here we go got four pictures.

Drop Shadow:
Defense Drop Shadow


Reflection I did a simple duplication of a layer then flipped it changed opacity and put it over water. I then feathered the gradient for sky over water:
Defense Reflect

Finally my take on a moon of sorts:
Blood Moon


Silhouette Plant Plant Silhouette

Plant Shadow and Reflection Plant with Shadow and Reflection (made in 64x64 to allow for more room and scaled to 128x128)


rune_sword_shadow Drop Shadow

rune_sword_silhouette Silhouette

meteor_reflection Meteor reflecting off of the sea


Everybody has such awesome examples for this one! Here are mine:

Framed Shield Basically copied the method used in one of the previous videos for this
Helmet Silhouette Touched up my silhouette style using this helmet - very happy with this one
Reflection Peaceful reflection of a tree on a lake. Getting the layers correct was the only hard part - had to make the land into a mask to get it right.


64 - Summon chewin’gum ghost bat icon, with drop shadow

BlueEyedReflections_Reflection - Still waters icon with reflection.

TacticalRumSilhouette - Silhouette of the tactical rum. I personally like it

HiddenLocation - A little futuristic scene where I’ve used various selection techniques.


Shadows 01 - Grapes Grapes silhouette

Reflections 02 - Axe Axe with drop shadow

Reflections 01 - Bushes riverside Reflection on the river


Coin shadow --> Drop shadow

Mario reflection --> reflection
mario shadow --> Silhouette (Sort of)


I added a drop shadow to the chest piece icon and did a silhouette of the dual swords.
chest piece dropshadow duel swords silhousette

I used my house from earlier, moved things around a bit and added the reflection.
house Reflection




ScissorsShadow Drop Shadow

SunReflection Reflection

BottleSilouette Silhouette




My castle with water reflexion :smiley:

And This is an other exemple of what I can do now !!! Thank you for this amazing lesson !!!



Made another potion, with a shadow and a reflection. Took awhile, so I decided to skip on making a background setting for it.

Potion with Shadow and Reflection


Gave my Sword & Staff a shadow in black with medium Opacity:
Sword & Sillouette Two StaffTwo

Silhouette of sword:
Sword Sillouette

Reflection of shield, where I covered the bottom half in blue with medium Opacity, and put a black to transparent gradient underneath. :
Shield & Reflection