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Why Hello :slight_smile:

As of 10/10/17 the video on Udemy wont load. it skips me to the quiz thats right after it and flashes some kind of error but it doesnt stick around long enough for me to read it.

Hi @Shinijami I have just tested this as working, can you confirm you’re ok now?

It is working for me as well! Thank you.

Working with unreal is really fun and allow me to say way more fun than other game engines.
The issue that it was encountered in this lecture reminded to me why I had given up Unreal altogether though.
At some point the change of the C++ code was not propagated to the actor in the editor and it seem that deleting and re positioning it fixed it. Imagine now that you had meticulously placed 100 of them in your scene. Would you have to delete in order to make this change?

Other than that I enjoy Unreal and the lecture so far

I think you could probably have fixed it another way too but yes the caching can be annoying.

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