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Here’s my HUD version.

Game HUD



My HUD version.
The currently chosen character is on the left and the currenty equipped weapon is on the right. The small orbs are used for their respective abilities.
I really enjoyed making this!


Ended up spending all my time on making a new HUD instead of drawing new icons! Got to use a lot of layers and selection modifiers in this one.

I went for a pretty minimalist space theme in this one. I wanted the HUD to be transparent, so here’s an example with full transparency and one with a space background.HUD_slotted


Hello everyone, here’s my original HUD design!
With the time I’ve spent on this one, I suppose it deserves some explanation to get most out of it.


This is a design I’ve wanted to do for a game concept I’m currently working on. It’s an adventure game with lighthearted magical elements and natural landscapes in a typical forest scenery, so I wanted to bring this into the HUD as I feel a HUD is also be a part of the game.

My main source of inspiration being from old Sega Saturn games and PC-Engine titles (Kudos to you if you know what I’m on about) I did some research and decided I wanted to make something similar, but with it being my own take on it. Other random inspiration sources have come from anywhere between random google images to candy wrapper design patterns I’ve had lying around on my desk.

Design Choices:
In the creation of the HUD, I’ve designed it around the 3 main action buttons corresponding to the typical left, mid and right mouse button, I decided to leave out the indications of the mouse as I felt that it could also work fine if it was designed for other console releases such as the Vita, 3DS, Ipad or other systems.

As it’s an open adventure game with action elements, the idea is when the player gets in combat, the middle HUD jumps up with the attack options, and otherwise closes down again once out of combat leaving more screen space or giving access an none action alternative HUD.
I believe these sorts of additional functions can help a player immerse with the game.

Alternatively as a function I’ve thought that the leaves in the design could also be used to reveal new content as you progress through the game.

Closing notes:
That’s been some of my thoughts while creating this HUD.
I’ve mainly used the tools we’ve been taught so far, with a little exception of also using the Paths tool.
I’ve learned a bunch from making my own and would recommend others to give it a try as one gets so much out of it.



I decided to make a new one that was inspired by the original. Instead of mana or another resource, there are crystals. There are portraits and health bars for the player and target. I added small icons for buffs and then added in my game icons for abilities. The bottom yellow bar is for experience.


Made from scratch using previous used tools and a lot GIMP’s filters!

** I’was looking for a Sci-fi look and fell, not sure if I got it. **


New Hud



So challenging to keep so many layers organized (and properly named)


Lot’s of amazing work here. I would have gone as far as creating my own HUD. HUD

Next time, I’ll get inspired!!!


This is mine, I need to work more on my icon / spell.
I will probably update this when I have better idea for them :slight_smile:



I decided to stick with the default HUD so I could focus on making some new icons. The fourth one is my least favorite. I started a frog for polymorph, and lost interest in it so I left it where it is at. Since I had already spent a few hours on this I decided to call it good and move on.

HUD Orbs and Slots


Lecture HUD

Can you tell I like magic?


My Hud02 Heres my HUD



Left Active Weapons
Middle Abilities of Weapon (-Combo) and Charge active weapon
Right Sparce Weapon Slots


Really want to continue going forward, so did not create my oun HUD. Plan to revisit this challange later.
HUD Orbs and Slots


Simple variation of the game hud
HUD Orbs and Slots


Made my own HUD. I decided to go for a similar style HUD to old skool games like Eye of the Beholder and Lands of Lore. I used the Hound off Game of Thrones for the character portrait which took a while to draw, but I’m pretty chuffed with the results!




I am proud of my own progress but i can really see the skill gap i have to over come.

bottom hud Mock


Hud with icons
gaming hud