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here is the sprite sheet that i made in photoshop, im totally fine with other people useing it. :slight_smile:


Brick Breaker… That is cool.


I’ve made a walking sprite sheet. I need the practice.


Sprite sheet completed! It’s really neat seeing all the frames out at once :smile:
Balls Colliding Sprite Sheet


Health Globe sprite sheet.






Bouncing Balls Spritesheet



Thanks for the grid snap tips.
@Michael_Bridges or anyone else, do you ever use greyscale images and overlay color or multiply RGB? Thoughts on that to save space on a sprite sheet?


That’s the technique I use and am about to be teaching :slight_smile:


I removed the weapon from my firethrower animation and split it up into 4 spritesheets for its different states.

[Spritesheet] flamethrower_idle

Firing Up
[Spritesheet] flamethrower_firing_up

Continious Flame
[Spritesheet] flamethrower_continous

Firing Down
[Spritesheet] flamethrower_end





Loving these! Thanks for sharing!


I made a blob monster, its switching between idling in place and jumping.

Bolb Sprite Animation

Blob Sprite Sheet



Ninja sprite sheet



This is a sprite sheet of a flickering flame I made. Quite pleased with the way it looks and animates, but a bit too big for use in my current project. If anyone would like to use this in a game or for whatever, feel free - no credit necessary.

flame animation

Flame spritesheet