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Hi Sam !
why we didn’t do it in an old way? we could create userwidget class in C++ and from it could derive Blueprint class
and what is advantage in this case to get Blueprint class reference into C++?

Not sure, which bit you’re referring to.

it’s lesson 24 - Accessing UI Class in C++

I mean I’m not sure which part of the lecture and which old way.

it’s about ConstructorHelpers::FClassFinder() struct. we get WBP_MainMenu refercence in C++ Only for write LoadMenu() function, but we could do it in MainMenu Level Blueprint.
is the other advantage in this way (get WBP_MainMenu refercence in C++)?

It’s just a different way to achieve the same thing. Sometimes you want to hook those things up in C++ an not Blueprint. So I showed you another way.