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I’m a bit of a space nut so loved doing these :smiley:

Off to play some KSP :rocket: :satellite_orbital:


I’m a big space nut, but these were much harder for me.
I pretty much had in my head that I was going to make a rocket, despite whatever topic it was. But I felt it weird that this was a topic for color. Astronaughts wear white. Stars are often white. The moon is white. Space is black. Shuttles are generally white, with black parts.

Anyway, a couple of these came out complete gibberish. For those few, I had no idea what I was doing or going for or what really came out in the end. (I call this one “pixels on canvas”.) It was like a five year old trying to paint for the first time.

Speaking of which, not all of the experiments turned out badly. Here’s some masterpieces to show off to mom and dad:

“My other car”

“The final frontier”


Man on Cassini goes to the Titan and then flies through the rings of Saturn, escaping its icy clutches.


Great work everyone! These challenges are so much fun :slight_smile:


Looking great now there’s a splash of colour.


Here’s my intergalactic journey:


This was tough. Also, getting out of black and white mode was a bit difficult, though I got some for the sky.


It was really challenging to come up with anything to properly portray this, but I think mine turned out ok in the end.


Mine sucks, but I’m posting it anyway like a good student should :slight_smile:


Here’s my spaceman and his ship. I struggled a bit with the astronaut and getting the stars to look right but I’m pretty happy overall, especially with the last picture :slight_smile:


wow theres some pretty sweet pics there by everyone !

Had fun doing these, yeah @Tom_Marsland I had the same, struggled to give into temptation and stick with black and white seen as space is black :slight_smile:
Heres my attempts…
- - -


Astronaut flies a rocket to the moon and then looks back on earth.


I think I am trying to add to much detail for an 8x8 but here it is!


The astronaut was the easiest one. Despite being second in terms of the “chronology” of this “story,” the rocket was next to last in terms of creation order.


These are looking awesome, hope you are all enjoying the creative process too :slight_smile:


Reaaaally nice pictures on a lot of the content above!!
Here are mine:

  1. Astronaut
  2. Leaving in a rocket
  3. Just left earth
  4. Now we’re really far out. The eart is a blue pixel, the sun is a yellow pixel, and our rocket is a red pixel



These challenges are pretty fun!


Tom_Marsland’s gives me nostalgia twinges from the original Master of Orion.


This is a lot of fun!
Here is my astronaut going into space and finding a new star system