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Nice challenge to wrap your head around, the others have provides a great variety! Looking good everyone!!

My attempt:


Rocket leaves planet, travels through space, lands on moon, astronaut hops out to explore. =D


Astronaut, Rocket, Space & Stars, Planet


Pretty proud as to how these turned out. It really allows for lots of creativity. Amazing what one can do with such limitation.

Astronaut Astronaut

Goes Goes

To Space To Space

In a Rocket In a Rocket!




Thoroughly enjoyed doing these. All of the others look amazing! Check out mine below:

  1. Astronaut holding his helmet at a launch area.
  2. Looking up at the night sky.
  3. Then looking to the rocket, which foreshadows,
  4. The astronaut going to SPACE!

Astronaut Looks at Sky Looks at Rocket Rocket Through Space


Here’s my attempt:





Okay, here’s my attempt to describe Astronaut goes to Space in Rocket


Some of the drawings here, even though really small are quite good!
It’s a difficult jump from Grey Scale into colour but explained well!


Here’s mine…
AstronaughtRcoketSpaceAstronaught in Space


Fun challenge!


This is my attempt!AstronautGoesSpaceRocket


My attempt at:
nasaastronaughtspace shuttlespace


Oh god, looking at other people’s work it makes me wonder if I should even post my stuff :open_mouth: Well here it is none the less…

space-01 space02 space03 space04


Well, here goes nothing :slight_smile:

The astronaut, waving. (Kind of like this one).


…zooming out. He is waving from a window…


…a window of what? Zooming out more…


…and more, and it’s from the rocket flying through space!


Is really fun to try to make it work with so little space :slight_smile:


Very challenging…
Here’s my attempt



Hi !
Here is my attempt at “Astronaut travels to space” Hope You like it!! =D

Astronaut-Land rockrt Space Astronaut


I love everyone’s astronauts. I hate how mine turned out!! Still had a lot of fun though.




Well, something like this/


Astronaut goes to space in a rocket :full_moon_with_face:

Astronaut Goes Space Rocket