Basic Weapon Pickup in the RPG

Its not much yet, but being able to pick up weapons is super cool. How did you go with implementing a sword pickup?

I was almost certain you were going to miss the “Is Trigger” button, you did not…good job RIck, but then I remember all the great talk about the Unity Collision Matrix from the original course and sure enough you forgot the RB.

I would like to point out that no where in the course thus far have we had to add RB’s to our characters and as long as the Pickup has a RB it will still function the same…so for now I will leave the Character Prefabs without RB’s until it will be needed.

Quick Edit; I chose to click Is Kinematic on my RB so as not to affect physics within my game.

Thanks Rick and Sam, please continue.

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Yep, good point about where to place the rigidbody. I’ve made a quick edit in the video to reflect this.

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Also please note I was attempting to be funny in the first paragraph, a response to your initial question in the video about a mistake you made mid-way.

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Well, I just uploaded a video where the conversation went something along the lines of “can you guess what I did wrong this time… guess who forgot click is trigger?”


This was quite satisfying, after struggling a fair bit with the saving section, it’s good to get back to something I can take on as challenges!

Made a spinny sword function to the pick-ups to indicate they are pickups, and also added pressing [G] to drop whatever I’m holding. Thanks!