Autonomous Proxy Jumping Around

After this refactor, my clients autonomous proxy jumps around quickly, and in weird ways. It ends up in the right place but will take very odd routes. I found that if I comment out simulate move on Autonomous OnRep it fixes the problem completely! This makes me think I am double simulating moves again, but I am not sure why. I tried replacing my code with Sam’s and still the same problem, so I am baffled as to what happened. Did this happen to anyone else? Any thoughts on what might be going on?

Have you tried checking out my code from GitHub?

I did the replication component, thinking the problem had to be there. I will check out the movement component now.

I found that Visual Studio suddenly stopped auto-updating my Unreal Project and I had to start using the Unreal Editor’s compile button instead of VS’s Build command, after these changes, for unknown reasons. Otherwise nothing I changed would take hold for me to see its effect when testing. Maybe you’re having the same problem? It made me think I’d gotten something wrong for 3 hours when really I had it right, and my Unreal project just didn’t know it.

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Are you using a free proxy or a paid one? I have tried many different proxies, and I can tell you that free ones work very poorly. In most cases, they have very few features, and I can add not all addresses to a whitelist. Also, I could not disable the automatic downloading of flash movies, which increased the traffic load significantly. That is why I don’t see the point of using free proxies. If your work involves a proxy server and anonymity, using paid proxies from trusted companies is better. I use the turkish proxy because it has proved to be the most stable and reliable proxy out of all the ones I have tried.

Autonomous proxy is a term used to describe one of the multiplayer states. It is not an actual proxy.