Audio error

I went to change my Rocket boost sounds effect and when I hit played it started to sound and all of the sudden when I changed the pitch a bit it didn’t want to work, now when I open my Unity I get this error:

FMOD failed to set the software format to the custom sample rate 1, trying software fallback rate 48000

I also checked that I don’t have the mute audio pressed on my game tab and nothing seems to work, checked the code, and its fine.


This might be a hardware or software problem but probably not one with Unity. Maybe this thread will help.

Also please feel free to ask our helpful community of students for advice over on our Discord chat server.

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I fixed it and I saw Unity is not the problem, for some reason any audio I put in my rocket doesn’t sound, I put an audio source on a different object and I heard it but idk why there is no sounds coming out of my rocket.

Nvm found it, Iit was the pitch that was set to 0 LOL :sweat_smile:

Good job! I’m glad the solution was so simple. :slight_smile:

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