Atom Won't recognise blender modules



Hey there, has anyone else run into trouble getting atom to recognise blender modules I 've tried everything I can think of and it just acts like they arent there… probably a newbie issue, but has me stumped any help appreciated.


I had the same problem. I tried reinstalling (you have to find and manually delete some stuff, because uninstall doesn’t get it all), and got it to a point that it will recognize Blender modules if, whenever you start Atom up, you disable and then re-enable the autocomplete-python module—and be careful about installing new addons, since any one could then break that. I think there are still some bugs in Atom, and perhaps issues with add-on modules not working together very well. I now use PyCharm, but it’s more tricky to set that up for autocomplete with blender libraries.


Glad its not just me, thanks for responding ill give it a shot tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Got it working thanks, had to uninstall atom entirely …


In the video, when Ben starts Atom, the untitled file it opens is already a Python file. For me it was plain text, and I had to change it to Python in the bottom right corner menu. However, this does not seem to activate the autocomplete plug-in. Disabling/re-enabling the plug-in did not help me. Re-installing Atom also did not work. I eventually tried saving the file with a .py extension and then the plug-in instantly started working.


This solved it. Thanks Eli


In the video, Ben “installs” Atom and shows the autocomplete of python commands and then LATER installs the autocomplete-python package.
You need to install the autocomplete package BEFORE Atom will recognize python and do autocomplete stuff for you. If you look at the video closely, when he opens the package installer to install autocomplete-python, it is already installed on his machine. That’s an “Ooops” in the tutorial that should be fixed. I spent some time searching for a solution and finally just played the rest of the video and discovered that Ben had got ahead of himself here.


Thanks Eli, I was going nuts trying to figure it out.
I took the liberty of posting your post over on the Q&A with credit to you so that other students will find the solution faster :slight_smile:
Thanks again Eli