Assets Cut Off

Hey all,

I opened the editor and my assets are cut up. However, everything seems to look fine in Play Mode. This happened after adding a bunch of edge colliders to the roads. Maybe its a memory issue with my PC, but I wanted to check if anyone else has had this happen and if there’s a fix. Please let me know if additional info is needed as I am not in the forum often. Thank you!


Is the z-position of the background set to 10, the z-position of the camera to -10 and the z-position of the other game objects to 0?

The camera must not share the same position as the sprites. If it does, some sprites might not be visible. Just like you (with your eyes), the camera can only see things that are in front of it.

See also:

I have checked those and z positions all seem to be what you have indicated.

You are probably experiencing the infamous z-fighting effect. Make sure that sprites that are on top of one another do not share the same z-position. If they do share the same position, Unity renders them in a random order, and that order is not always the order you want.

Alternatively, you could use the “Order In Layer” in the SpriteRenderer component.

What is the grey background? A sprite or the “Color” of the Camera component?

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