Are there alternate ways of handling the challenge here?

As in, stop attacking when we move? I am assuming the processes given here are best practices, that work with the rest of the syllabus?

If I were to implement another solution, might it create issues down the road?

Any solution you have will need to set a trigger to stop the attack animation. Without seeing the solution you have in mind, it’s hard to determine if it will clash with future portions of the course.

Just be aware, they’re teaching you Unity. You’re in the process of learning. You’re not quite at the point where learning all the best practices is a good idea. You’ll get there in time/ I suggest you have patience and soak in the knowledge.

It can. It doesn’t mean it will.

There’s about 50 (not exactly, it’s probably more like 1000) ways to do everything. The path you’re shown in this course is just one way, and it’s shown you in a manner to help you learn some of the fundamentals of programming.

Part of the fundamentals is thinking of solutions yourself. Further on, you’ll learn how to make those solutions work with other people’s solutions, or code you find online. It’s all part of the learning process.

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