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Hello everyone, this is the first game I’ve ever shared.
Archer World is a game I’m making while following the LaserDefender classes, I know that it’s pretty different but I wanted it to be.

It’s still in a very early stage, still plenty of things to add but some main mechanics are already implemented =D

Already implemented features:

  • Walk and attack in all the four directions;
  • Player animation in all the four directions;
  • Zombie randomly spawning at the top of the screen;
  • Health bar;
  • Stamina bar;
  • Score system;
  • critical damage;
  • A bigger type of zombie randomly spawning;
  • Levels.

To be implemented features:
*Splash arts;
*Loot randomly spawning as some enemies dies;
*More types of enemies as you get higher scores, I’ll try to use the formation system that we learned in this class in at least one type of ranged enemy (all the coding was made in the way that I can use the same code for different enemies);

Archer World

Please let me know your thoughts, new ideas and Bug feedback are also very welcome.

I’m not being able to build it as WebGL and I don’t know why, this is what appears in the console when I try to build it:
"Building WebGL projects is not currently supported from project folders containing non-ASCII path names on windows, due to limitations in the emscripten toolchain. Please change your project folder path"
Anyone know’s how to solve this?

Thank you guys!


Where are you saving your project folder to, and are you using anything but standard latin characters? Any wierd punctuation symbols in it or anything?

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Thank you @chris.claus42 , my profile name had one latin character, this was the source of the problem =D

follow WebGL build:
Archer World WebGL build

Hi @Joao_Dalvi,

nice one. The idea is pretty different, and having the freedom of moving through all the scene is cool.
I’m really looking forward to playing a new version, with the new features you want to implement.


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Thank you @JoseCuenca, Im glad you like the idea!! I`m learning a lot with this project!

I`ll be updating this thread with newer versions every few days . It shall be everything implemented within a month.

Every opinion, idea or bug report is very welcome.

Updated to build 0.02 - Added Health, Stamina and score system.

Archer World WebGL build 0.02

Updated to build 0.05 - added level up, critical damage, scrolling damage text, one more zombie and font;

Archer World WebGL build 0.05

That’s pretty cool!

One suggestion, slow down the spawn time.

I was dead within 30-60 seconds each time I played.

The giant zombie was a nice starteling touch.

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I’m glad you liked it @chris.claus42!
Thank you for the feedback, it’s very important for me!!
I’ll slow down it for now as you suggest. I’ll be adding the loot/drop mechanic in the future too and I’ll have to do a lot of balancing after that.


I think that if you start slow, let a person get into it, then increase the speed slightly each time they level up, it will get them more involved and playing longer.

Ooh, everyone loves loot!

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I’ll do that chris,

The spawn timer already gets lower as the score gets higher, but since the spawn time begins too fast as you said yourself (and I agree), the player don’t even get the opportunity to see that the spawn time will be faster eventually T-T

I’ll increase the spawn value on the next build :upside_down:

Hi @Joao_Dalvi,

I was too busy at work, so I couldn’t check your new versions, and now they’re expired :cry: So, I’ll try to login more often, because I’d really like to see the new improvements on your game.


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Hey Jose, Ill upload the latest version later this week. These past few weeks I’ve been studying 2d Design and Concept art, so I haven’t developed much, the only difference from the last version is that I added an archer that I’ve made myself.
Im glad that you remembered my project :blush:

Just uploaded it on Itch:
Archer World 0.06b

hI @Joao_Dalvi,

Of course I remembered your game :smile: I already tried. I just got 900 points, a bit disappointed :joy:

I like the modifications you made. I agree with @chris.claus42 about the spawning time. I think giving a bit more of time, it’s easier to make the player comfortable enough to enjoy for a while, and then… Zassss!! the giant guy, more bad guys,…

Well, still I enjoyed a lot, so I’ll try to get a better score next time! :sweat_smile: Really cool the upgrades per level. I liked that a lot. :clap:

As an idea, while I was playing, every time the zombies just fought in the close distance, I wanted to have a knife or a sword, because you feel a bit useless killing zombies close to you using a bow. I know that that means a lot of work, new animation, etc… but just to let you know, just in case. :+1:


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It’s a hard game xD But there are some mechanics that are broken the way it is, if you level up ATK speed you can easily do over 50,000 points.

There is a lot of tweaking to do, but I rather add more monsters and add the loot mechanic before balancing it, I agree that the spawn time need to start slowly

Good idea Jose!!! I’ll add it either as skill or item;

Thank you for trying my game =D

Looks awesome so far! Very slick.

A couple (minor) thoughts:

  • The font on the “level up” screen is a bit hard to read. It took a while for me to realize what “Atk spd up” was trying to say. There seems to be plenty of space on the screen at that point, is it viable to use full words? Speed is spelled out in full below, so the inconsistency is a bit odd.

  • I don’t find it particularly intuitive that increasing attack speed means dropping the number. It looks like that number is actually being used as some kind of multiplier or something somewhere? What about just using levels - attack speed level 1, level 2, level 3 etc?

  • While taking my time to consider what perk I wanted for leveling up, I forgot where the enemies were on the map. When I selected my choice, a zombie mauled be before I had a chance to get my bearings. Perhaps consider clearing the field after each “wave” for a more conventional dynamic?

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Thank you for trying my game, and for your reply and Feedback toby, it is very important to me to receive feedback.

You are right, I may change the font in the future and keep a consistency of word format, probably I will increase the size of the board when I add a new art for it too, the attack speed reflects how long it takes between shots, but perhaps changing it to percentage may be more intuitive.

Regarding the level up system, it stops the time and it is a little transparent, but probably not transparent enough, i will be tweaking it in the future too.

I don’t think that clearing the field would be a good think, but I’ve thought about a wave system too (perhaps they could happen every few thousands points), another think that I might add in the future is a story mode with maps and stages, but only after finishing the course since it would be very time consuming.

By the way, I’m working on the loot system right now, I’ve already done the heart pickup to repleanish health and I added a ammo system so the player will have to play it more dynamically.

Now Im almost done with the status bar in the canvas that shows the player which buff/debuff or power up is under effect and how long it will last.

I’m also making a power up system with 5 types of power ups randomly dropping from the enemies:

Damage up, speed up, run speed up, immortal and slow time power up.

After that I’ll release a new build with the following new features:

*three new enemies (the batlings, already in the last build I’ve uploaded but not documented here);
*tweaked the spawn rate so the game will start slower in order to the player get used to it (thank you @JoseCuenca and @chris.claus42) ;
*new ammunition system;
*health pickup;
*power up.
*fixed visuals and improved readability on the level up menu (thanks @tobymurray)

I shall upload it in the middle of the next week. Working 3 hours/day on it , (this project may have over 100 hours so far, between art and programming). Thank you all for your support!

New Build 0.09 availabe:

Added everything said above. The following power ups:

*Stop Time (slow down effect, pretty awesome);
*Damage up;
*Critical Damage up;
*Move Speed up;

Thank you guys

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