Applying logic such as Teams in networked game?

Hi there. Thank you for the course I really am learning a lot. I will go back through it soon as so far I have used it just to change my own project (rather than copying yours step by step)

But in all the videos I watched, I did not see any mention of logic such as Teams, Match Scoring, Respawning etc.

I am hoping I did just miss it and if someone can tell me where that is it would be grand! But if it is not covered, does anyone know of good resource to learn about that which would be compatible with the stuff we learned here?

I can post some full code of my own Lobby/Matchmaking code, however it doesn’t seem to work. For example I am making an air hockey game and I am trying to change the material colour for player 2. But no matter what I do (ie. Client RPC’s , DoesReplicate=true, etc, etc, all sorts of things tried) I cannot get it to work. (Various errors depending on what I tried, sometimes no errors but the material still does not change on player 2)

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Teams etc is a specific logic that would be implemented by the developer. It’s not so much multiplayer as just game logic. This is the main reason why it isn’t covered here. The other reason is usually, for matchmaking anyway, you need to store information about players so that the game knows how best to match up with other players. This then touches on data protection issues which is going to be country/region specific such as GDPR laws in the EU.

If you want help on this, the best place to ask is over on the discord.

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