If anyone is late to the party like me and still wants to do some play tests, let me know when you can, I wont bother posting a picture and all of that jazz unless i get a response because this forum appears to be dormant.

hi I’m available at Wednesday 11 AM till 12 and my local hour is + 3:30.

if anyone want to connect and test multiplayer I will be online any time at 18-19 o’clock at UTC

Levani, I’m going through this course just a bit behind you at the moment. I wouldn’t mind play - testing with you. I’m not particularly concerned with play testing my own at the moment though. 18-19UTC would be something i’'d need to do on a weekend. It falls towards the end of my workday during the week.

I’m available at 19:00 UTC most evenings, and sometimes earlier if I’m not swamped with other work.