Any tips for someone exporting Blender animations/characters in general to UE?

Here are some animations I made over the past week:

The ones that start and end in the idle pose I plan to export to Unreal
I took the recent character animation course but I see it mostly covered Unity for the export part

From what I understand, you could run into many issues if you do not export right from Blender, so I just wanted to best prepare myself when the time comes to start developing my dream game in UE

Animations may look a bit rough but I plan to refine them in Unreal, or at least see what can be done with them. If there’s anything about these animations or this particular character that could be improved upon I’m all ears! I’m always looking to improve.

I learned so much from, I really really appreciate the work the team does. Knowledge is power!

There are actually a number of topics here about this import process. I don’t know much about UE, but I did bookmark a few things here and there as this is a fairly common question in the Blender forum:

Good luck =)

Oh, and if you haven’t already, check this out regarding animations. Very helpful!


Nice, thanks
I’ll take a look

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