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hi, so, when I try to write the password.anagram it can’t find the password method, let alone the anagram after that of course. note: I do have the utility.cs, even opened it. I also tried to re-import the utility and even the whole thing (I have a backup in case something goes wrong so I am fine). those are the solutions that I found that helped others but they don’t help me. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Davis,

C# is case-sensitive. The method is called Anagram. Could there be a typo in your script?

I don’t think it’s this. I try Anagram and anagram. also, the problem is coming before that. it can’t even find the “Password.” that comes before that. with or without upper case.

Is Password a variable you declared in your code? If so, there might be a typo somewhere. Could you please share your code as formatted text here?

Also check the Solution Explorer (Ctrl + Alt + L) in Visual Studio. Look for the Utility.cs script. If there is a dotted icon next to it, click the right mouse button, then on “Include in solution”. Sometimes, scripts get suddenly removed from the solution for no apparent reason.

See also:

Sooo… sorry I was kinda stupid apperently. I called it Pass and not Password. Thanks for the help, forgot to check this one small bit. :slight_smile:

I’m glad the solution was so simple. :slight_smile:

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