An old problem Revisited and solved 🤗

Wow… so the last lecture I posted on was 174 and here I am at 187… In the intervening lectures, while quite informative, there was nothing that applied to the project I selected for this section. I was actually beginning to dispare at the idea that I might make it all the way through the section and find nothing applicable to my project. So, when UV Unwrapping came up, I was relieved to say the least.

Just for some extra practice, I decided to work on getting an accurate globe, well mostly accurate anyways. It took some work but once I realized that the angle you view the model affects how it unwraps, it was reletively straight forward (if time consuming to map it more accurately.

While the lighting is much brighter in Blender Render, I think Cycles did a much more accurate job with the light.

and as for my project… I finally got that stinkin’ logo to work. I’m convinced that there is a better way though as I had to dublicate the faces I wanted to put the Logo on and use a transparent texture to get this.

with Cycles however,l had to adjust the positioning of the panels as it really showed the shadows


I know how you feel. The location I picked for this session isn’t suitable for a lot of the techniques he’s discussed, nor is what I’m hoping to do with my Blender skills in the long run. I’ve just been blazing through the lectures and picking up the odd tip here or there. I think we’ve learned enough at this point to be fairly dangerous with Blender, and a lot of the things he’s going into now are much more specific applications.

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