Allowed to clone Git repo?[SOLVED]

Not relevant to a specific lecture but this is when this came up and I was hoping for some input. I made many many goof ups and long story short, broke everything. So to try and fix everything I cloned the repo from GitLab, and reset Git to the relevant lecture of “Unit Targeting”. I was wondering how allowed this is?

As in, right now probable 98% of the project, is not what I created myself? Before I broke everything I was to this point and while it was mostly follow along with the videos, I still wrote it myself and there were probably at least minor inputs of my own.

Now I literally clones Nathan’s work, and especially if someone plans to release an RTS based off of this codebase/project, is that still allowed? Hope this makes sense Id love some input thank you!

Hi there, you are definitely allowed to clone the repo for the purpose of the course. It is there to help students and provide as much learning opportunity as possible.

If you are releasing a game, I would encourage you to make it your own. Using the code base as a starting point is fine, but it should be a starting point for something original.

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Makes sense! Thank you!

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