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Hello, I hope I am posting in the correct space!

Here is a picture of my car:

Thank you!

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I’m really enjoying your course and having tons of fun in the process. I dive in like a pool and every time i come back up I keep wanting to dive deeper and deeper each time, I find my self addicted now with this course and have a new passion for learning in a way I was not sure I could. " I had a lot of problems learning being dyslexic growing up, but the video’s and the info in them and the way they are put together have made life easy for me to learn them". I thank ya’ll for doing such a great job making this course.


Is it recommended to finish both Get started in 2D and 3D before doing Build an RPG? Or can I hop into Build an RPG after finishing the 2D course? Note that I have a lot of Unity experience and am very comfortable in the engine.

I’d pop into the RPG, and if you’re struggling go to the 3D course for fundamentals.

Will do, thanks!

My Rocket Level looks pretty goodunity%20-%20Unity3D%20Training%20-%20PC%2C%20Mac%20%26%20Linux%20Standalone_%20_DX11_%208_1_2019%208_06_45%20PM%20(2)|690x257

Don’t know if this is the right place for posting this but… Ben told me to… so blame him :laughing:

Starting Boost!

I really enoyed the Instructor Hangout video (just finished the one from the Create Your Own Adventure section). I found it very helpful when you broke down the code and explained things like why we have “State state;” etc. This is hands down the best resource I’ve found for learning Unity. Thanks!

When I had some free time I went into my code for the Terminal Hacker game and decided to add a few lines of code where if the player types “clear” into the terminal it clears anything they typed (If they wanted to look for any Easter eggs) and it will reset the menu, thought I’d try to see if I could do it on my own from what I learned so far in course and so far it seems to have done just that :smiley:

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Hey Guys just came down here to tell you guys how epic this course is. Just finished the first part of the course and I can already feel like an expert. Thank you so much!

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I just got started with Terminal hacker. sure looks fun.

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Course is great so far!

Hi all, Just been busy designing and making levels for the RPG course; however I think my level designing is straying away from RPG style in the picture(Level 3) the army of humans and the army of orcs with each other and the player gets to join in.

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Hi, I am almost finished with the Project Boost Section but I noticed that there weren’t any section about developing Game Manager & Menu Section, I want to learn how to add score system to the game or fuel.

i think u should have to enable that option

As I know, Ben uses “Visual Studio” not “Visual Studio Code”.

So the second part of the RPG course will be free or paid???

Hi all just started the Complete C# unity course this is my car/truck

Also the street scene