AimingComponent not found by my Tank_BP

I’ve arrived at the “Clamp() to Limit Values” lecture and this happened:
These purple Barrel components are not deletable and the solution @DanM gave on Udemy is to create an entirely new Tank_BP blueprint. So I started doing that, but now my TankAimingComponent is no longer showing up as inherited, even if I did not change any of my code since getting these strange purple components.

Another problem I have is that because Tank_BP no longer sees the aiming component I am getting this error inside BP:

What could be the solution to this?


What parent class did you use for your blueprint? It says it’s not a Tank so that suggests you didn’t use the right parent class.

@DanM, my Tank_BP's parent class is a Pawn.

Hello @DanM, I’m still having problems with this. It’s difficult to move on in the course, because my tank doesn’t show any of my changes in the code.
Do you know a solution?

Also, I found it strange the UE4 knows that the TankAimingComponent exists, but the BP does not inherit it:

Oh so sorry, looked at this when I was half asleep in the middle of the night and forgot to come back to it when I was awake.

Anyway your problem is that you inherited from APawn instead of ATank. Go into the class settings and change the parent class.

@DanM, no problem!
I’m not so sure what you mean by class settings.
Is this what you mean?

The class settings for the blueprint

It works! Thanks so much!

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