Aftersince: Text101 Game Published Yayyy!

Can’t believe I have just published a game! :sunglasses: :thinking:

I just hope so much I don’t loose this gas. :pray: It would be awesome to get some feedback from you ladies and gents. Check it out at sharemygame, and just in case you visit this after thirty days, you can view it from my site here.

  • Themed with Ben wakes up from comma Text101 Lectures, centered around a character who is yet to figure out his/her identity and environment whilst trying to survive his captors or helpers(he is not sure yet).

  • I intend to go along and finish the 2D game with this theme, hoping even throughout the 3D course too.

Planning on having multiple ending based on their choice of actions, tools or weapons where the character later realizes that…

  • He/she is still in a deeper comma, trying to figure his way out of the coma (relate this to The matrix/Inception where you want to figure our whether you’re living reality or a simulation).
  • All along they are an avatar controlled by a primitive animal/lab rat/monkey whose intelligence is being tested.

Found challenges with tweaking the Player Settings when publishing, to have a more responsive layout but hit lots walls. Had to retouch the CSS of the built project, but the results aren’t that satisfying. I guess I will find out about that later in the course. Pointers on where to look will be appreciated. I also hit some UI bugs where out of no where, lines of the same Text Game Object overlap but that will be a later fix.

Feed back is welcome.
Be blessed y’all.

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