CYOA Game Design - “Aftersince: The Sound of Dreams”

Image Credit: Mohamed Chahin on ArtStation

The Game Theme:
Ben wakes up from a comma, duh! :woman_shrugging: In a small barricaded shack in a quarantined village on an Island within an Island.

The Player:
Disfigured character with Insomnia. Missing a few limbs, or having some body parts dysfunctional. Say cannot lift his left arm, or blind in one eye, with a patch they cannot remove. Cannot read very well, gets better gradually as memory comes back.

The Threat:

Insomen, trying to push you back to comma, and stop you from figuring out how to get off the Island.

The Goal:
Find out what happened to you. And get off this forsaken Island.

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Hey Castelli, Love the art you found. Puts a good flavor on the game too. With what you are describing sounds a bit like the feel from “Nightmare before Christmas” meets “Asylum”. Could be a lot of fun. Would you keep it light or take it dark or try to balance the two? Either way has potential and am curious to see where you go with your idea. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Jenn. I am planning on going with that look all the way. Tried to contact the artist who made it to see the possibility of using his inspiration in my game along the line.

About the Nightmare before Christmas + Asylum feel, Aha! :thinking: you are on point. I will try to strike a balance between the dark and light side, since am targeting at having alternate endings based on the players choice of actions as detailed a bit here.

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